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Living it

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

It’s been a long time since I’ve written something here, and I’m discouraged about it.  I remember praying the other day about not being able to read and write more about spiritual things, and I suddenly had this thought come into my mind:  Yes, I had been studying and writing a lot about morality, selflessness, and a dependence on God.  However, I am reminded daily that I do not live in the world of peaceful quiet spiritual reflection but in a stormy one full of dirty diapers, screaming children, sleepless nights, and an exhausted and frustrated wife.  All I have time to do these days is eat, sleep, and spend time with my kids until I can’t move from the couch.  Oh – and go to work and try to do something useful.

There is a time and a place for deep thinking and quiet reflection.  However, I think the power of the spiritual life lies in the difficulties of reality.  Impatient men learn patience, people distant from God draw near to him because of their need.  It is here somewhere that we are fashioned into the nature and character of God and we bring a little light into the world in the process.  We are shaped not so often by our thinking, but by the events in our lives.  Most of my spiritual reflection has been based on reactions to difficult events in my life.  Now it seems the opposite is true.  I have thought a lot about patience, selflessness, and the character of God.  Now its time to live those beliefs and bring light to the world again.  My wife and children need it.