About You

I am of similar heart and mind with all men and women who are trying their best to understand spiritual truth and God. I applaud those who have turned over the control and direction of their life to something greater than themselves – the study and application of spiritual truth. By doing so, they go against their society, the comforts of conformity, their family traditions, and their own self-serving nature.

If I had in mind an audience who I thought would most enjoy reading things on this site, it would be for these kinds of people. They are not satisfied with short trite truthful statements, but want to understand it in depth so they can better apply it to their lives. These are the men and women who will not sit back and let others tell them what to believe and think, but rather those that get up and strike out into the night, into the unknown wilderness of the spiritual life: always wild, uncertain, and untamed. They want to know how to believe, not what to believe. They are against blind indoctrination of any system of belief or religion, and emphatically for using our God-given minds and hearts to their fullest potential and encouraging others to do this as well. We are not the men and women who fit in any definate system of belief or religious subculture completely — we have trouble telling people where we stand in regards to which system we are closest to because we are not constrained by them. This is not because we are selfish and want to pick and choose between them all so we can tailor make one that suits our selfish natures, but rather we are picking and choosing what is TRUE from them, with rigorious thinking behind the process. Our beliefs are a work-in-progress, and we humbly acknowledge this and are aware that we are not perfect.

I have enabled comments for any posts I make. The reason for this is that I am hoping someday to hear from others that are traveling the same road, and they can share their thoughts about any subject of discussion. It’s good to find others along the way with the same purposes – it can be lonely and discouraging at times. But this road “less travelled” will make all the difference in our lives.