10 hours a week in the car

I’ve officially moved to Pennsylvania! As exciting as that is, there is still the unfortunate reality of having to work for another 2 months in Rochester, NY (5 hours away) for work related reasons. I desperately want to be with my family, so I will be traveling home and back every weekend. This means I will be alone with my thoughts with nobody else for 10 hours a week. For a majority of the trip, I will be going through deep country areas that are radio and cellphone inaccessible.

So I’m curious… What would you all do if you had this kind of situation? I’m open to suggestions! 🙂

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    1. sarah your sister

      i have the entire lord of the rings on tape! interested? i haven’t checked them out yet

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    2. Jonathan
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      Heck yes! That’s a great idea! I’ll have to get them from you this weekend!

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    3. Stacie

      This is probably kind of an obvious answer. But if there is any way you can hook yourself up with a receiver and subscription to XM Radio, I would do it. It truly is a beautiful thing on those long car rides where the only thing that seems to come in on the radio is not English, or John Cougar Mellencamp. Now I like John, but I once heard ‘Jack & Diane’ played no fewer than sixteen times during the course of a cross-country trip, and this was in ’95. Believe me, I was a skeptic about paying for radio at first too, but it is the kind of thing that after you do it you will wonder what took you so long. Something to consider anyway, if you run out of LTR tapes that is!

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    4. Jonathan
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      That’s really a good idea! My favorite music is from the 80’s! If I could get a station of all 80s all the time, I would really be happy. I’ll have to look up some prices to see how much XM is. My LTR tapes at most would take up two weeks, and then I’ll need to do something for the other 6!

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    5. Elise

      I was going to say books on tape, but apparantly that’s already been suggested. 🙂 I’m a John Cougar Mellencamp fan too, but his new album didn’t do much for me….

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