My Daughter and I

I just realized that I’ve never posted a picture of myself. I would hate posting one of just myself – so I found one with my daughter! What a cutie. 🙂

Me and the kiddo!

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    1. John Remy

      What an adorable picture! I expect greatness from this father-daughter combo. 🙂

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    2. nee

      Ya get a girl used to such pretty flowers so young and yer settin the bar high! lol

      You’re both adorable!

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    3. Jonathan
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      Thanks John and Nee!
      My daughter sure is a cutie – and this picture is nothing like how she looks now. 🙂 She seems to just get more and more cute the older she gets. I, on the other hand, am not so much. 🙂

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    4. Alice

      I found your website from the random clicking of the mouse … and it actually appeared twice, before I started reading your postings! Very insightful and deep; and it just sort of ignite something inside … as I am on a journey of self-discovery and purpose of My life. Maybe it is by the grace of the Lord, that through your sites, I find a few other christian sites.
      BTW .. both of you are cute! 😀

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    5. Jonathan
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      Thank you Alice!
      I’m glad to hear some of the things I said were useful! I’m never quite sure if they are 🙂 I have God to thank for the good stuff. I hope you do find other sites – if you do, let me know so i can link to them. I wish you all the best on your journey with God – it is an exciting and wild one.

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