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The hero

Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

Note: I originally posted this on John Remy’s website as a comment on a post with a similar subject at by another great author – Miko, but decided to post it here as well because I’ve been too sick lately to write much. So I’m being lazy (or just practical since I’m recovering from surgery) and consolidating. When it comes to my priorities, it’s more important to me to post comments on other people’s sites then it is for me to write posts on this one. If you’ve read my comment there, don’t bother to read it here. The text is exactly the same with no extra goodies 🙂

Anyway, the about the hero…

This has always been a phenomena that has fascinated and inspired me. Within literature, motion picture, gaming, and song, there has always existed the hero – the person who fights for the cause of good in the titanic and ever-present battle between good and evil. It seems to me that within each man or woman, their exists a dark, broken nature which powerfully influences them. If given too much free reign, its influence can become so great that even a person’s conscience and the warnings of friends can be ignored and cut off. This same struggle is found in the macrocosm of the mind – human society (hat tip to Socrates.) And so the hero fights on two fronts – against his own broken nature, and against the people and movements in their society that have come under the near complete control of the same brokenness and have become twisted at a spiritual level into something inhuman.

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The walk

Tuesday, December 12th, 2006

Well, just when I didn’t think my life could get any wilder, it did. If you haven’t read my previous post about what had happen today and last night, check it out. After I had finally got my life in order after my car accident, I laid down for a well deserved night sleep.

That didn’t happen.

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Myth gluttony and my diet

Saturday, December 9th, 2006

I was thinking the other day about how often I seek after sources of myth that will further inspire me in my spiritual walk. I watch beautiful sunsets (the best ones come in winter on the east coast), I listen to some good music, I pop in some of my favorite movies, I re-read some great books from the past – the Bible most of all, play video games where I am a hero who saves the day, etc. To experience each one of these is to be reminded of the beauty of the divine in my life and my importance and value in God’s eyes. However, it seems to me lately that I have had too much receiving and not enough giving. I feel imbalanced.

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Church and the perception of God

Wednesday, December 6th, 2006

Elise got me thinking about another fascinating (although in real life, painful) subject: How the dogma and behavior of a church are in part a reflection of that organization’s perception of God. If religious life is composed of being forced to follow a list of dogmatic rules (not drinking alcohol, going to church 2 times a week minimum, tithing 10%, mandatory baptism, mandatory bible verse memorization, etc.) then that organization’s perception of God is one who is distant and needs to be appeased by good behavior. I used to attend a church like this myself and HATED it. I have found that there are some people that do not think of God this way but still attend a church like this. To me however, it is a loosing battle. This society that supports oppressive dogmatism will steal away their good perception of God and it will instead mold it into the one the church affirms. Only integrity will help you survive and get you out.

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The “uncomfortable” spiritual life

Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

In listening to Elise and her supernatural experiences that she has a hard time communicating, and reading about Miko’s brushes with supernatural, and remembering many friends of mine (Christian or atheist) talking to me quietly about similar experiences, I am once again brought to this topic: the uncomfortable existence of the supernatural world in our lives.

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