Revealed truth & the spiritual life

So I have reached an interesting conclusion in my previous post. To successfully live a true spiritual life, I must believe in God by a direct revelation, and I will best acquire new spiritual truths by divine revelation. Believing that God exists without divine revelation is like believing in Russia when I have never experienced or seen the planet Earth. Such beliefs are hard to keep, and for the most part erode over time since they cannot be seen or touched or felt, and otherwise have no interaction with my daily life. Given enough time, I will tend to not think about them and instead worry and spend my time with other more tangible pursuits, and in the end will abandon them entirely, or at least push them out of the active part of my mind to a place where no creative thought is applied.

This is an important truth to understand; it helps me understand God better because of how he designed me. If God wants to have a relationship with me, he needs to take the initiative. He needs to interact with me in a way my spiritual senses will obviously and rationally detect. I am designed my nature to be a rational being, and therefore God must approach me in a rational fashion. Faith, as set forth in the Bible is not blind, but quite rational. “Faith in the unseen” is simply believing in God even though you cannot see him face to face in the physical dimension, but this in no way logically carries over into the spiritual one. God can be seen quite clearly with our spiritual senses – I believe He takes the initiative to know us first and then constantly interacts with us this way. To have never “seen” or “heard” of God with our spiritual senses and yet believe Him is not what the Bible is asking us to do at all, and a belief in God sustained without spiritual sensation will not last, any more than a belief in the existence of goblins and fairies will without seeing them walking around as a normal part of my day.

So the question might be asked – if I have not seen or heard of God in a spiritual sense, does that mean that He does not exist?  That would be a rational conclusion, but is that true? The very fact you are curious means that you must have seen something and wish to pursue the matter further. And so the journey continues.

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